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Stress doesn’t just accompany negative events and situations. Rather, holidays and other important days can create stress too. If you’re susceptible to stress-triggered cold sores, it’s important to plan for important days.

Rest Up

Rest up

Anticipation can eat away at your much-needed sleep, but you shouldn’t let it. Those 7 to 8 hours of sleep restore and maintain your mental and physical health and may be your biggest defense against a cold sore.

Eat Fresh

Eat fresh

Food is at the center of most holidays and parties, but it’s important to consider how much and what you’re eating. Steer clear of canned and processed foods, which are high in salt and can raise your blood pressure. Instead, stick to fresh foods.

Walk it Out

Walk it out

When you can, get out for a walk or use the stairs rather than the elevator. Exercise is a proven stress-buster: just 10 minutes can make a difference in your mood.

Make Time For Yourself

Make time for yourself

On important days, you might feel pressured to always be “on.” But taking a little time for yourself—a quiet walk or a few minutes of meditation—can help keep you energized and focused.

Stay In the Moment

Stay in the moment

Thinking about tomorrow, next week, and the coming year can be overwhelming. But those considerations have little to do with what you’re doing today. Remind yourself to stay in the moment and enjoy what you’re doing today.