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Here’s How to Create the Perfect Winter Break Survival Kit

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Be prepared for anything this Winter break throws your way by having these essentials on hand.

Packing your bags for a festive Winter break? Here’s everything you’ll need to chill out, de-stress, and take time for you — all while feeling the magic of the season. Keep this checklist on hand as you toss everything into your suitcase (you’ll thank us later), and keep the stress levels low to prevent mishaps — like a cold sore breakout.


Whether you need some audio meditation, nature sounds, or maybe just a little Christmas music to tune out whatever else is going on, headphones are the key to your escape! From OHM to fa-la-la, you’ll have your own little respite of “ahhh.”

Favorite Book

Getting lost in a great book is a simple way to unplug and relieve some holiday season anxiety. Curl up by the fire (maybe with the family dog), and dive deep into a new novel or one of your favorite classics.

Essential Oils

Lavender and eucalyptus can keep you feeling chill and relaxed (aromatherapy has been shown to have calming effects, according to research) — even if you burned the turkey or forgot that gift you brought home for Mom. Breathe deep, inhale those happy scents, and come back to center.


You never know when you might need it, and if a cold sore catches you off guard, you’ve gotta be prepared! Having Abreva Cream on hand is your first line of defense for getting rid of your cold sore (in two-and-a-half days when used at the first sign 1) and boosting your confidence.

Running Shoes

A brisk jog or a chilly stroll in the fresh Winter air might be exactly what you need to lower those stress hormones and give your body a reset. Keep the mood and spirits high with a little outdoor exercise, then warm up indoors with a cup of hot cocoa.

Bath Bombs

A soothing soak at the end of a long day can feel like a mini trip to the spa. Bring your favorite bath products along so you can treat yourself to a total-body release.

Cozy Pajamas

There’s nothing quite like tossing your hair up and cozying up on the couch in your favorite Winter sweats, right? There’s something calming and tranquil about slipping into your best, softest pajama set and switching into relaxation mode.

1Median healing time 4.1 day; 25 % healed in 2.5 days