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4 Ways to Build Self-Confidence

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When you’re prepping for a big night out, confidence will do more for you than any dress, killer pair of shoes, flawless highlighter, or perfectly blown-out hair. Looking fabulous is great, of course, but inner confidence is the thing that truly makes a person magnetic. And just the way we have to work on a skill like playing music or a sport, working on our confidence takes practice.

Whether you’ve got a first date, party, or dance coming up, you’re going to want to do this routine as your self-esteem-building pump-up! Think of it like a beauty routine, but for inner confidence.

Self-Confidence-Boosting Hacks

1. Have a mantra.

Saying a positive mantra to yourself can add a much-needed dose of self-love to your evening. You can choose something specific that you love about yourself, or pick something more general like “I’m radiant” or “I am loved.” Repeat this in the mirror while you get ready for your night out, or write it down in a journal.

2. Don’t compare yourself.

Comparison is truly the death of joy. If you find yourself scrolling through Instagram and feeling less than awesome while looking at photos of your peers, bloggers, and celebrities, then ditch it — especially the day of your event. You don’t have time for that negative energy. Delete any apps off your phone that aren’t building you up.

3. Use the right tools.

Breakouts can shake even the most confident people. Don’t let a cold sore sideline you; treat it right away with Abreva. You can get rid of your cold sore in just two-and-a-half days when you use it at the first sign of symptoms1.

4. Call on your best friend.

Whether it’s your sibling, parent, significant other, or best friend, you’ll want to have a person in your corner to build you up a little. A pep talk can help remind you of all the things that make you incredible, and you can take those empowering words with you well beyond your dance or date.

1 Median healing time 4.1 days. 25% of users healed by 2.5 days.

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