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5 Ways To Relieve Holiday Stress

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The holidays should be merry and bright! Kick and holiday-related stress to the curb with these tips and tricks.

Even the most joyful season of the year can pack a punch when it comes to stress. The excitement, the energy, but also the running around last minute because your significant other forgot to pick up the gift for your in-laws; your grandpa’s strong desire to watch political news during dinner — you know the drill.

Stress can totally sabotage your health and ruin what should be the merriest time of the year. A good way to get ahead of it: an anti-stress strategy. Consider this your stress defense guide for the holiday season!

1. Try Meditation

There are tons of meditation apps available now, and free guided meditation videos all over the internet. Find a quiet place (think: your childhood bedroom at your parents’, a spot outside, or even a bathroom if push comes to shove!) close your eyes, and let your thoughts float away.

2. Sip a Cozy Drink

In ayurvedic medicine (one of the oldest medical systems that originated in India), warming drinks have been known to create a relaxed sensation and mitigate stress. So make yourself a cup of spiced hot tea or cider, get yourself a soft fuzzy blanket, and slip into a state of holiday bliss.

3. Deep Breathing

Known as an “off button” for stress, deep breathing can help re-calibrate your body’s panic response when someone crushes your favorite ornament or the family dinner table discussion turns politica.. Breathe in to fill your lungs, hold it for a few seconds, and then give a big open-mouthed exhale. Try that a few times!

4. Pack for Emergencies

Keep your “just in case” essentials in your bag at all times. You’ll want a topical salicylic treatment and concealer for any stress pimples that may be a-brewin’, and some soothing essential oils to immediately create a sense of calm. If you get cold sores due to stress, make sure to have Abreva on hand as well. Abreva can get rid of your cold sore in as little as two-and-a-half days (when used at the first sign1).

5. Laugh a lot

Pop in your favorite holiday comedy when tensions arise, or even some funny animal videos (great family activity, by the way). There’s no better way to cut through awkwardness, stress, or a family feud than through laughter! You’ll feel a noticeable shift in the room’s energy, and everyone will be a little lighter and brighter for it.

1median healing time of 4.1 days. 25% of users healed in 2 1/2 days.