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The Best Concealer For Different Skin Types

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While foundation can work wonders on your complexion, sometimes blemishes or irritations can seemingly pop up overnight, which means it’s time to double down with some concealer! But since all skin issues aren’t created equal, it’s important to buy the right concealer for your particular skin type.

Knowing how important the right concealer can feel when we’re staring at our reflection first thing in the morning, we asked makeup artist Taylor Haupt from San Diego to share her favorite types of concealers for some of the most common skin woes that occasionally plague all of us. Don’t worry, whatever your skin issue is, you’re not alone!

The Best Concealer For Your Skin Type

For Dry Skin Types

As you might imagine, Haupt suggested a hydrating, cream-based concealer for those with dry skin. “A cream-textured concealer with a medium-to-full coverage is a good option because it won’t crease or settle in lines.”

Another option is a two-in-one, liquid-concealer-plus-brightening pen. “It’s lightweight and brightening with a nice natural glowy and hydrated-looking finish,” Haupt said. “Great to throw on with tinted moisturizer or mix with a heavier concealer for more coverage.”

For Oily Skin Types

For blemish-prone or oily skin, a longwear concealer is exactly what you need. “For oily skin, something that is long-wearing and matte is essential. Look for one that is full coverage and dries down to a matte when swatched.” said Haupt. “Just make sure to prep with moisturizer!”

For Dark Circles

With dark hues under your eyes, Haupt said a concealer close to your skin color with a slight pink or peachy pigment will help to counterbalance the purple. Her suggestion: something full coverage and hydrating, where a tiny bit goes a long way. “A concealer that is hydrating while color correcting at the same time will save you some steps!”

For Blemishes and Cold Sores

With acne blemishes, a color correcting green-hued concealer may do the trick. But when it comes to cold sores, Haupt said the way you apply concealer around the sore is important.

“Use a disposable lip wand or sponge when dealing with a cold sore so it doesn’t transfer into your product,” Haupt said. This is because the cold sore virus spreads easily. It’s also important to wash your hands immediately after touching your cold sore. Until the cold sore has scabbed over completely, you’re still contagious and could spread the virus to others.

Make sure your cold sore is at least partially healed before you try to cover it up. To kick that healing into high gear, pick up a tube of Abreva. When used at the first sign, Abreva can help get rid of your cold sore in as little as 2½ days1.

1*Median healing time 4.1 days, 25 % healed in 2.5 days.

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